View Full Version : Furthering the CA tools

08-11-2003, 05:50 PM
Even though the enhancments to character tools really look like a much needed leap forward in 8, I saw something on Kaydara's website that looked very useful.

On one of the animating videos, I saw how they had some kind of adjustable widget that would allow them to set the floor height so that once set, the character's feet wouldn't pass through the floor. It was sort of like an adjustable expression but only set graphically.

I don't mean to say, hey they have it so why don't we. More like, I think we need more tools that are set up easily without the need for writing expression. We should have constraints set-ups that are visual and not numerical. Like it would be much easier for me to pull back the characters leg and then click some kind of constraint button instead of entering a numeric for rotational limits.

For instance, we could also have some sort of interface for when we bend a bone, adjust the points to deform correctly(since we'll be able to adjust points in Layout in 8), and have that remembered as a morph for that particular bone movement.

We could have a stride length marker or widget of some kind for foot placement.

Sorry, these probably aren't too specific, just trying to come up with some new ideas.

Can anyone else think of something that could be made into a visual process instead of numerically or through expressions?