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08-11-2003, 01:48 PM
Trying to figure this one out.

Spent a day last week configuring a separate Boot drive to have T2 installed on - for going back to past projects edited in TED. This followed problems that came up with trying to load a T2 project into T3's Video Editor.

Anyway, we have a 6-drive IDE stripe set running off an Escalade 7850 controller and the drives were striped from Win2k with each of the drives being handled as independent, rather than an array from the Escalade bios.

The boot drive is set-up in a removable HD rack (with the drive set as master) to provide easy interchangeability. Following the set-up, I now have two unique boot drives, one for T2 and one for T3 - both having Win2k as the OS.

After I got the new boot drive set-up with all the necessary software as well as T2, I discovered that the stripe-set was indicated as 'foreign' under Win2k's Disk Management and proceeded to 'import foreign disk' which brought all 6 drives in as a stripe set with everything intact. Great.

This was the last thing I did on Friday.
Now comes Monday morning and when booting with either drive the stripe set is unrecognized!!

When looking at the original boot drive (the one with T3 installed) Disk Management shows all 6 drives as Missing, Offline and in the partition area to the right, each of the 6 drives shows the teal colored bar which indicates stripe sets and each drive shows the correct size, but says 'Failed'. In addition, Disks 1 thru 6 are indicated separately from the "missing" drives and say "foreign" (for Example, Disk 1, Dynamic, Foreign). When I go to 'import foreign disks', all 6 drives show up automatically selected and then after clicking OK, the following error pops up. "Internal Error - Disk group has no valid configuration copies".

When booting with the other boot drive, (the new one with T2 installed) each of the 6 drives are indicated as 'Missing, Dynamic, Offline' with no indication of drive size or 'failed' to the right in the partition area. They also do not show up as 'foreign, as is the case with the other (T3) boot drive.

I have screenshots of each respective boot drive's Disk Management snap-in if anyone's interested.

There appears to be nothing I can do that will bring back the array. This is not catastrophic, since all data on the video drive had been backed up - just a pain in the a**.

My line of thinking at this point is to re-configure the 6 drives as an array from the Escalade bios level and reformat from Win2k. This way all 6 drives are seen as one, no matter what drive is used to boot from.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!!

08-29-2003, 02:27 AM
Setup and update MS Windows before installing other software including the VT.

Configure the 3ware to use the disks individually. Use MS Windows to setup the disk array by converting them to Dynamic Disk. You can perform this at
[Control Panel] - [Performance and Maintenance] - [Administrative Tools] - [Computer Management] - [Disk Management]

Windows XP Professional is highly recommended, eventhough I don't really like MS...