View Full Version : Non-planar error when importing a model?

01-10-2009, 03:52 PM
Hey all,
Ive been sculpting the superaverageman basemesh (the one from the zbrush website) in zbrush and wanted to test out my displacement and normal maps in a Lightwave render.
I exported my model as an .obj and when I go to load it in Lightwave I get an error saying "There were 84 non-planar polygons found".
I ignored it at first and set up my maps, but when I tried to render it was a jumbeled mess.

I decided to load the superaverageman in zbrush and export it without changing anything but I still get the error saying 42 non-planar polys were found. If i go into statistics and select the non-planar polys, it selects the entire model.

Im still new at this pipeline but I didnt have a problem with my model I modeled in Lightwave, sculpted in zbrush and rendered in Lightwave.
Any tips or ideas?