View Full Version : Strange vibration in IK chain ?

08-10-2003, 01:07 PM

my character setup is simple but it works for my scene.
I have a tiny inactive wristbone who is the IK-bone for my chars arm, and the goal sits right there at the base of that bone, the usual old fashioned stuff.
When I move the goal the arm IK works as it should, but now I have a scene where the movement is very small and slow (the character pets a book slowly) and the hand of the char vibrates as if he was shivering.
The graph editor shows nothing, I baked the motion but don't see any "noise" in the graph either.
I have only made OpenGL previews so far, not final renderings, but I am desperate because I tried everything from goal strengt, IK stiffness to rotational limits, nothing prevents this vibration that somehow comes from the tiny wristbone and translates to the hand and fingers :(

Any ideas ?