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12-18-2008, 02:02 AM
I have done everything I can think of including uninstalling and reinstalling and no matter what I do every time I try to build a live set LW seems to be moving my video surfaces. I followed the tut in the documentation to the letter and I get this...


Any ideas?

12-18-2008, 06:32 AM
Do you mean moving or losing?

Are you saving your scene AND all objects too?

12-18-2008, 08:50 AM
What is this image of?
If it's from the LiveSet folder, it is the way LW LS plug-in writes or I should say does not write a icon.

And like Matt said "Do you mean moving or losing?"
And if moving, please explain.

Also and I am taking a stab in the dark here not seeing your LW scene file, you may have your scene on frame 1 (for example) with keyframes so it looks correct but then you may have your liveset master plug-in on frame zero to make the LiveSet and this could be your problem.
Lots involved in using the LiveSet plug-in to consider and understand.

12-18-2008, 09:38 AM
thats a good guess.
that took me a long time to figure out and it was infuriating. common sense told me that it wouldn't matter which frame the live set was rendering on since there is no animation in the scene.
if you do an F9 and check which frame it renders, that is the frame that the liveset plugin needs to be on. otherwise it changes camera angles, etc. and just doesnt render what you are seeing on your camera.
Hopefully that is the problem since its easy to fix, though annoying.

12-18-2008, 10:14 AM
Yes doing F9 helps but I go a step further and use the silhouette of the man Newtek gave us for transparency and uncheck the LiveSet shader in transparency.
This give me a best WYSIWYG preview for framing, scaling, etc.

Another is to make a color with alpha of your actor (if you make your own LS for your productions) then copy and paste the color image into the same folder (Windows will re-name it copy imagename.png/tga/psd).
Now load them both in image editor and on the copy, choose alpha only.
Use image.png/tga/psd for color surface and copy image for transparency surface.
Now you can use OpenGL in camera view or use F9, to get a great WYSIWYG preview of your LiveSet shots.
Then all you need do is un-check these two images in the video plane surface and check back on your LS texture in both color and transparency surface before running the master LiveSet plug-in.
For those of you that want to make a truly professional LiveSet, after compiling your LiveSet and testing it to make sure it is exactly what you want, go back into LW and un-check LiveSet texture again and re-check actor image and actor alpha image surface in color and transparency.
**Save your scene as Whatever LiveSet before doing this**
Now go to the camera properties panel and make a custom camera by changing the width to 200 and height to 150.
Save this as Whatever LiveSet Icons scene.
Now render each camera shot separately and save them into a separate folder called icons.
Name them to match shot name like center, right, left or whatever you used in the master plug-in.
Once your finished (will render really fast due to small size) you need to copy and paste them into your VSFX folder for your LiveSet but the naming must match.
Attached is an example of one I made.
As you can see I also have a stand in FX image I use in the same manner I described for my sets monitor.
Naming is critical here so study your set first before copy and pasting them in.
Once your done, choose one of your 200x150 icons to represent your LiveSet.
Now copy and paste this one into your VSFX directory (not your new liveset folrder where you just in but it's master folder) and name it the same as the LiveSet name.
You need to delete the old one first.
If you already open this new LiveSet in VT/TC to test it, as I alsways do, then you need to go back into the LiveSet folder and delete the newtek.info folder (it's hidden) before going back to VT/TC.
When your all done, open it in VT/TC and see your wonderful new professional icons embedded into your LiveSet :)

Take care and I will cross post this into the tips and tricks section,

12-19-2008, 01:17 AM
wow thanks for all the replies. MAtt, yes I mean moving not losing the video surfaces. What seems to happening is that the LiveSet generator plugin seems to move both video surfaces and the camera no matter what I try. I was saving the scene and every object but it still seems to be happening. As I do not have access to a tricaster or VT that image is just the small image that was in the set but you can see the black surface in the front of the desk that is the 2 video surfaces exact same size and exact same place. I had placed and sized them as in the tut. (basically behind the desk and as a "monitor" behind that)

Joseburgos I was rendering on frame 0, I think, but again thanks for the suggestion.

I'll have to admit tho that I've tried making a liveset soo many times that frustration might have gotten to me and I could have missed some simple step in this particular try. I will redouble my attention to detail yet again and see what happens. In the meantime I have a question. What I really would like to be able to do is create 16:9 LiveSets with 4:3 "monitors" within them. What camera settings should the camera in LW be set at?

Thanks for all the info folks I will keep pluggin away at it.:thumbsup:

12-19-2008, 02:17 AM
OK all I did to this was...

Set the Content Directory to the “LiveSet_Tutorial_Content”
Loaded “LS-Tutorial-Set.lws"
Loaded “Video-Surface-Object.lwo”
Positioned it behind the desk
Applied the video texture
saved the scene and saved all objects.
then render (F9)

this is what happens...


As you can see the video surface moved and this is what I cannot figure out. I do think I was rendering frame 0. but perhaps I am misunderstanding something. I have to admit I'm not a LW wiz here but I cannot understand what is moving the objects. Help please? :help:

12-19-2008, 06:45 AM
Since this is a F9 preview render, I is a LW problem and not LS texture problem.
In camera view with texture view enabled, is your video plane behind the desk on frame zero?
Or better phrased, is everything in the scene correct looking at it in the camera view on frame zero?

My guess is, this is a LW user error.

12-19-2008, 07:30 AM
I suspect you have AutoKey turned off, and the video plane is resetting itself to 0,0 after you move it and hit F9 because you haven't keyframed it in position ...

12-19-2008, 09:36 AM
Thanks Very much, Joseburgos, for the excellent tips.

12-19-2008, 09:43 AM
Thanks to all ... as soon as I checked in here and read SBowie's comment I knew that was it ... just went and tried it yep had auto key off. DUH I feel so stupid. 8~

only question I have remaining are what camera settings to use for a 16:9 LiveSet?

Thanks so much guys now I can stop pullin my hair and start making something.

12-19-2008, 01:11 PM
NTSC D1 widescreen or PAL D1 Widescreen.
Remember to use Force Aspect 16:9 in the LiveSet master plug-in.

Take care,