View Full Version : LiveSet Feature Request

12-17-2008, 02:04 PM
Although I have only had my TCS for a few months I have been using the chroma key feature more and more. Sometimes I use the effects buss as my key background, at other times I will use the LiveSet Constructor to import my backgrounds into LiveSet. The best part about using LiveSet is that you can set a different background for each input and then live switch between them without tying up a DDR, title keyer or the effects buss.

The LiveSet Contructor will allow you to define a background image and a foreground image. However most of my needs are only for a background image but I have been able to achieve the results I want with the LiveSet Constructor.

The feature I would most like to have with LiveSet is this. I want to be able to load in my backgrounds into LiveSet without using the LiveSet Constructor. I tried doing this by just dropping in some jpeg's and png's into the folder that LiveSet Constructor writes too, but when I went to LiveSet to set up the keys my images were not there. Apparently LiveSet Constructor has to write some additional files to do its magic.

LiveSet Constructor only allows you to import one image at a time and it is kinda slow to work with if the only thing you need to do is import background images. Dragging a whole group of images into LiveSet at once would save a lot of time.

It would also be useful if I could define the folders that I drop my backgound images into as well.

Thanks Newtek for a great product. Keep up the good work!!