View Full Version : 1st modelar prblm 50% solved,now display prblm

08-09-2003, 04:19 AM
Recently I posted question about lw modelar prblm:


...at that time I tought that I have forced modelar to crash by making my own custom keys shourtcuts for display settings (I assigned `render style` like wireframe, smoot shaded, sketch... to hotkeys 1,2,3...on numeric pad). playing around with modelar I noticed that he crashes almoust every time when I change render style using only mouse (no shourtcuts keys) in his display tab at the top of window WITHOUT EVEN assignig it to keys! so I realised that problem is in graphics (opengl, I think). then I have disabled graphic acceleration and everything works fine, but extremly slow
did any1 have expiriance with graphic problems under lw modelar (opengl, some bufers etc), PLZ let me know

I`m using quadro4 under win2k.. and sorry for my english :(

08-09-2003, 05:11 AM
At work i use a geforce 4 with L7.5c under XP.

The problems are as follows:

1.OpenGL Transparency in Modeler tends to make EVERYTHING transparent.

2. The panels in Layout sometimes get all scrambled up and i have to restart the program.

Seems all to be related to OpenGL.

08-09-2003, 06:41 AM
I've never had problems with changing Keyboard shortcuts

Sounds like an OpenGL issue.

Are you using Dual displays?

Under Win2K there used to be a problem with Dual Monitors one way to cure it is to use Nview rather that let Windows handle the display.

Using Horizontal Span seems to cure the stuff with Dialouge box and panels poping up in the wrong place.

The issue was supposed to be fixed under WinXP, but some Geforce drivers work better than others.

One of my Geforce Cards works fine with the Manufacturers drivers whereas the NVidia drivers cause a problem.

I had a Quatro in a Dell machine at work that was fine as delivered from the factory, until one of the guys from "Tech support" within the company installed something ( I suspect a piece of spyware) which then caused OpenGL Aplications to fall over on a fairly regular basis.