View Full Version : 1st modelar prblm 50% solved,now display prblm

08-09-2003, 04:08 AM
recently I posted question about lw modelar prblm:


...at that time I tought that I have forced modelar to crash by making my own custom keys shourtcuts for display settings (I assigned `render style` like wireframe, smoot shaded, sketch... to hotkeys 1,2,3...on numeric pad). playing around with modelar I noticed that he crashes almoust every time when I change render style using only mouse (no shourtcuts keys) in his display tab at the top of window WITHOUT EVEN assignig it to keys! so I realised that problem is in graphics (opengl, I think). then I have disabled graphic acceleration and everything works fine, but extremly slow
did any1 have expiriance with graphic problems under lw modelar (opengl, some bufers etc), PLZ let me know

I`m using quadro4 under win2k.. and sorry for my english:confused: