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08-09-2003, 03:41 AM

Iview advertising is currently accepting resumes and demos for Lightwave animators/modelors and compositors. We are working more in real estate projects so Autocad experience is a must. Anyone interested, please visit our website www.iviewadv.com and send your resume and demo to:

Iview Advertising
Attn. Rodel Carolino
p.o. box 11635
21463 Jeddah
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
[email protected]
Tel +966-2-6831048

We accept fulltime (employment) or freelancers through mail or internet.



08-10-2003, 02:32 AM
I saw your post after being alerted by another Newbie Memer.
I mostly do multimedia programming in Director and Flash, but I occasionally get to do some work in LightWave, mostly a hardware freak (pipes, machines, etc.), but am slowly getting into character animation.

I have not tried doing some Architectural stills or videos. It is very close related to Autocad plans, elevations, etc. I guess one of the most complicated work because you need to convert precise measurements into perfect objects. I have a lot of friends using lightwave but none of them doing like this.

I also teach LW. How much is your offer as a package anyway?