View Full Version : Important question on Bones

08-08-2003, 04:05 PM
Hi there,

Help needed.

I am currently working through the 3d-palace video tutorials on rigging.

The tutor sets up the rig so that with Local Coordinates set, the bones Rest Rotations are all set to zero.

This is great because you can see the exact angles of the rotation of the first pose that you set up.

My problem is that he must be using a slightly older version of Lightwave, because he manualy zeros out the Rest Rotation where as in my version of Lightwave which is 7.5c, when you set up skelegons to bones in Layout, all of the rest settings are done for you and the bones are active.

More over, there is not a Record Rest Rotation button. Record Rest Position aparently records all of the bones rest settings.

Basicaly, I need to know how to have all my bones Rotation set to zero in the rest position/rotation, so that I can follow the tutorial.

Please help