View Full Version : game art and architecture: outsourcing company looking for projects

12-09-2008, 03:53 PM
A team of 20+ experienced artists is looking for projects.

We provide:
- high- and low-poly modeling of in-game assets
- detailing in Zbrush
- texturing
- skinning and animation
- concept art
- 2d design
- arch viz

Our company is oriented on providing high quality services for moderate price. At the moment we make considerable discounts for our services that is convenient for our partners (taking into account the world-wide issues with financing the projects).

You can find some samples of our old works (year 2005) that are already not under NDA at http://orange-graphics.com.ua/gallery.html and view a list of our projects at http://orange-graphics.com.ua/projects.html

Email to [email protected] to request extended portfolio, ask for bid or any extra information about our company.