View Full Version : CTRL on the Mac: Better Constrain to Axis

12-08-2008, 10:52 AM
On the Mac, the CTRL button does not behave quite the same as it does on the PC side.

Sometimes when holding CTRL to constrain a translation to an axis, it doesn't seem to work. It appears to work more consistently if I release and re-press the CTRL key between different moves.

For example, press and hold CTRL and then click and drag the mouse to translate an object. This seems to work fine. Now, if I release the mouse and click down again, while CTRL is still pressed, the object is no longer constrained. CTRL needs to be re-pressed right before each mouse click.

When I submitted this as a bug, Newtek informed me that this is not a bug, and that the behavior has existed for some time. The fact that it has existed for a long time certainly doesn't mean it isn't a bug, but perhaps the PC and Mac versions were intentionally given different behaviors.

Do any Mac users enjoy re-pressing control?