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12-04-2008, 04:17 PM
I dont know where else to ask this. Is there anyone familiar with or has bought anything from this dealer?


the prices seem to be suspiciously low.:question::confused:


12-05-2008, 09:36 PM
ok, I just found that they require payment through something called liberty reserve. The liberty reserve site had a note to avoid possible scams and be cautious of too good to be true offers. why dont they accept regular payments like other merchants?

Tod Cole
12-07-2008, 10:02 AM
ok, I just found that they require payment through something called liberty reserve. The liberty reserve site had a note to avoid possible scams and be cautious of too good to be true offers. why dont they accept regular payments like other merchants?

I would like to know how this goes if you order from them. In the past I have found that these guys pull a classic "bait and switch." The call ends up a hang up because if you want tires for the car its extra. Would you like a engine for the car??
Hope you strike pay dirt because the prices are pretty good.

12-07-2008, 02:19 PM
I'm new to this forum and have also been looking for any confirmation of dviexpress.com.

As some on this forum have experienced, their prices seem remarkably lower than everyone else. I recently priced out the new Panasonic AG-HMC150, camcorder and got a remarkably low price on it ($2635), that blew me away. I was very suspicious because of the low price. I tried telephoning dviexpress.com and although they answer, it's a recording that asks you to leave a message - which I did and never got a reply back (what did you expect!). In any case, I did some digging on them with the Better Business Bureau in Los Angeles CA, where dviexpress is supposedly located. The BBB didn't come up in any complaints nor do they have a profile (yet) on dviexpress.com. So it's hard to say if they are legit or not. However, I am suspicious of them because although their website says they accept credit cards, they do not, and only seem to accept a cash transfer through LibertyReserve. LibertyReserve is simply a 3rd Party transfer agent that allows you to establish an account with them which you fund with your money. Once you've funded your liberty reserve account DVIExpress can take payment electronically. I asked LibertyMutual if they had exprience any issues with DIVExpress. Unfortunately, their policy is that they don't comment on client accounts and say that they have no responsibility for their clients' legitimacy and that you must do your own due diligence. I also contacted the Attorney General's office for the state of California and again, unfortunately, they don't provide public comment on any companies other than to accept a complaint if you want to make one. I also did a search on the registration of the dviexpress.com site and it appears to be registered to a company by the name of Northwest Electronics located in 11500 Olympic Blvd. I also sent an email to dviexpress and did get a response back: In my email I stated that I left a message at the dviexpress phone and never got a call back. The email response I got back was that "they are extremely busy" (??). I also asked if the Panasonic order I placed would contain all the items as advertised by Panasonic that are supposed to be part of the package (in the business this is known as a "retail package") - I thought that perhaps the lens was not part of the deal... (a scam that some online retailers pull: they advertise a low price and then it turns out the order is missing something of importance - like the lens, in the case of a camcorder). I got another email reply back from dviexpress listing the contents of the items I would receive and it appeared to be the same contents that Panasonic provides including the USA Warranty - at least that's what they claim. I also asked if I could pay by by credit card instead of using LibertyReserve: The response I got was that they are able to charge so low because they "bypass" the usual bank schemes and avoid various taxes. I have just recently sent them an email to see if they accept COD (not that they can't fill the box with sand) and am awaiting their response. As an experiment I thought I'd order something inexpensive (under $100) from them and see what the outcome would be. Unfortunately, everything they claim to sell has prices in the hundreds of dollars - so much for my experiment. In the meantime, I will be doing further investigation to see what I can dig up on them. If anyone else finds out anything of merit please post, but until they can be verified I would not part with a large sum of cash.

12-09-2008, 09:22 AM

I learned the hard way... they will take your money and you will never get your product. I am still trying to get them to cancel my order and get my money back from them after a month. I have never been able to get anyone on the phone. Their voice mail answers (when the phone service is available). I have left various messages. I have only gotten a few responses to email, and they were all trying to convince me to keep waiting for my product.

There was a period of a few days in which their website was down along with their 1-800 number service. I guess their scam worked so well they decided to keep it going.

I will try to keep you informed here of anything new.

12-09-2008, 01:46 PM
Thanks for the response. I put in an order and they e-mailed me back stating the item is in stock and I have to open an account with Liberty reserve to pay for it.
does this sound familiar? I guess as long as I dont open the account they cant take my money right?

12-11-2008, 09:27 AM
Yes, that's the response I got. I was able to create a LibertyReserve account just fine and I don't think there is anything wrong with that service.

I think it's just DVI Express that's shady here.

The response I got when I sent an email requesting to cancel my order was send on December 1st:

We're very sorry but we didn't know that you have completed the payment.
Your order will leave our warehouse tomorrow.

Sherry Hudson
Customer Service
Northwest Electronics Inc

I replied stating again that I wanted to cancel the order... I haven't heard back yet (it's been over 10 days now since sending that second cancel request).

As a side note, I decided to find my product elsewhere. I chose B&H <http://www.bhphotovideo.com/> and had a good purchase / shipping experience with them.