View Full Version : Things I'd like to see in Layout

12-04-2008, 09:07 AM
Here are some features I'd like to see added for improved workflow.

#1 Stability. I'd like more stability in the software - even if it meant no new features.

To that end a known issue list would be a great help and service to current users.

#2 Faster workflow. Using scene editor is slow. It's faster to select items in schematic view. But if I need to change settings I either have to bring up motion or properties, or Scene editor which slows things down again.

I'd also like the option of seeing material connections in schematic view.

A big desire to have a background image in schematic view. I'd like the bg image to work like they do in modeler.

I'd like scene editor to be in a viewport as well as a the ability to have it as a floating window as it is now.