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12-04-2008, 04:36 AM
I am looking to get a standalone version of Speededit (so I can work on a laptop while away from my VT[5] system). I have been told that there is a 'competitive upgrade' version that I would be eligible for which cost about $350, but I have also seen Newtek offering a 'Second Seat' version for owners of Speededit that costs only $150.

Any chance the VT[5] Speededit would qualify for that upgrade?



Zane Condren
12-04-2008, 08:14 AM
The SpeedEDIT add-a-Seat for $150 does not apply to VT5 SpeedEDIT. It only applies to the Standalone versions of SpeedEDIT.

12-04-2008, 11:57 AM
Thanks Zane,

I love the VT[5] package, but having so much of my pre and post production tied to a single machine that sits out by my chromakey set is challenging sometimes - especially when I need to travel.

I already use a stand-alone version of Lightwave, and will probably spring for the stand-alone Speededit as well. I was just hoping for a lower cost way to do it given the times we are in right now.

The other untethered component I would absolutely like to see is a separate package for the basic CG. I know that LiveText is available, but that is really more about adding a dedicated Title station operator. I'm just looking for a way to create pages and titles when I'm away from the studio that I can copy over to my existing VT[5] system when I get back. I may not be typical, but for me, $1000 is a lot to pay for that capability.

Please don't take this as a negative post. The fact is, I am totally into the VT[5] and am looking to leverage more of what comes with it into my workflow. Unfortunately, my workflow involves a lot of travel which means I end up doing as much of my pre and post as possible on a laptop while on trains or planes. Application portability ends up saving me a lot of late nights and weekends back at the studio.

Thanks again for your quick reply - and for making a product I love so much that I want to take it everywhere.