View Full Version : two simple ones that would make a big diff

jin choung
12-03-2008, 02:53 AM
wow, haven't made an actual feature request in a while - both of these for MODELER:

1. blender's 2 point polys are a revelation. they need it because they don't have curves that can be used to make polys (they're used to make nurbs surfs that you have to convert to polys) so instead, they do everything we would do with 2 point polys.

biggest thing is that it allows operations on 2pt polys like extrudes, lofts, revolves, etc and it just generates single sided polys - instead of the coincident poly faces (with opposite normals) we get now.

there's no reason not to get rid of that artifact. it would make our 2point polys much more universally useful and there's NEVER been a time when i found that "feature" of actual use. again, a tiny tweak that would open things up.

and if we do this, we would potentially open up much cause to draw a lot of poly lines so a quick line draw tool would be nice too. like the poly draw tool... except it just draws poly lines and doesn't attempt to close the loop (actually, you could want a loop of poly lines so that should be an option box).

2. a warning dialog (that you can turn off) if you hit 'v' more than once and are about to paste the same data into the same layer again. can be a very common thing and can lead to insidious problems later.

i actually suffer from this very little because i've grown to be hypervigilant when i paste in lw but it shouldn't be such a cause of subconscious stress! and people less hypervigilant and newbs will end up causing problems that they won't be readily be able to diagnose later.


12-10-2008, 06:50 PM
I hope you don't mind me adding on to what you said.
But on the subject of 2 point polys, I would like to see a menu item that converts an object to 2 point polys instead of the work arounds we have now. I would like to see all of the work around disabled. Some new users do not know that they accidentally created 2 point polys. Having the menu item would make it clear of when we want them and when we don't.

12-11-2008, 04:16 PM
On the subject of two point polys I would love to see a global option to have them automatically delete themselves when created, or even more simple a command that you can map to a single key that would select all of them in the mesh and delete them. I want the ability to be able to turn that off as well because two point polys are actually very useful in some situations.

On the subject of the pasting twice into the same layer. I can't say how many hours I've wasted because I have done this didn't realize it, and then later came across serious issues because I had overlapping geometry, Uck.