View Full Version : Does lightwave 8 have better "current Item" filters

08-07-2003, 07:22 PM
Hello, Looks like the current item tool is still there, and looks like there isn't any improvement. (currently there are no filters.)

Can anyone confirm that, grouping things in lightwave is easier. And finding things in the "current Item" selector is easier, and that there will be
ways for people to customize the list easily.

I posted a wish in the feature requests.

I've seen countless free rigged chars, where you have to hunt and hunt for the goal items, and you have to scroll through all the non animatibles, etc. Thats becasue people just work, and
don't use any thought about, naming.
If it was part of the work flow, then everyone would do it right? right.

Does lightwave 8 address any of this?


08-10-2003, 03:11 PM

After looking at some of the LW8 demo's...
looking at the "new way" to rig characters etc... You will end up using less nulls for things. But Still, for finding your Objects, It would be nice to have Built in labels in the Current Item Selector. You still will have bones in your characters, and as we go on, more and more characters in a scene will still create huge "current Item" lists.

ANything That makes it easier to find stuff is welcome.