View Full Version : 32bit has improved 64bit performance?!?!

11-24-2008, 08:35 AM
I almost posted a similar thread earlier today but dismissed it before hitting submit...but I'm now convinced that my LW performance has improved after using the 32bit version!

TBH I'm still a little skeptical as I don't know how or why it could possibly help but anyway...

I'm working on a really complex CAD model of an oil rig interior which has assets created in various packages and therefore quite excessive poly counts. I've spent the past couple of days trying to get some new models into Lightwave and eventually succeeded this morning although LW wasn't very happy with the geometry.

I merged points, unified polys, removed 1 + 2 point polys...all the usual stuff and had to wait for 1/2 hour between actions before doing each step. Trying to move the objects was almost impossible so I had one last hope...the trigon plugin to reduce the poly count.

I needed to use 32bit LW for the plugin so I installed it and fired it up. I loaded the model and I didn't have any issues moving it around at all. My display performance was no different to if I was playing with a cube but the object has hundreds of thousands of polygons...this is the same object that I couldn't do anything with in 64bit version.

At this point I figured that I'd post on here to explain that 32bit seems faster than 64bit but I thought that I'd better just check a bit further.

I reloaded the same object into 64bit and it performed the same as in 32bit...fast and responsive. Hmm...? So I figured that Lightwave must have hit a block and managed to clear some memory or something when I closed it and reloaded the model...so I dismissed it and carried on working...

...but now I've found something else. Since 9.5 I haven't been able to grab keyframes on the timeline editor and move them, they either stick or move wildly like my mouse is hyper sensitive...but now it works like a charm!

Without doubt, my display performance has improved since installing and opening LW 32bit even though I'm using 64bit still. Now I don't know whether my gfx card (Quadro FX1500) only uses information from the 32bit version to set up the driver efficiently or what?...any ideas?