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11-20-2008, 09:58 AM
I have been using FiberFX to add hair to one of my existing characters, but have been running into several issues and crashing LW9.5 at almost every turn.

First, here is character setup; The character is a human that uses subD surfaces and UV maps for textures. I have already created setup scenes with bone structures and weightmap assignments for MoCap import, there is no IK rigs or special links setup, so he is basic geometry with basic bones. With every issue I have tried turning off deform and IK to make sure they were not the issue.

The first issue is with bones and FiberFX. It seems that if a model already has its bone structure (no rig just bones) then rendering hair becomes an issue. LW crashes at render unless draw is turned off. So, even though this is an issue I found a work around, making sure draw is turned off.

The next issue has to do with combing the hair. If your model already has bones then the process of combing the hair by BiasVmap does not work and cause LW to crash. The model does not retain the BiasVmap created and there is no current way to save it out as an image in modeler that I am aware. I have no work around for this issue to use BiasVmap. The only work around so far is to create hair in modeler with strand tools and comb it that way. However, this work around has its limitations I will explain later
The third issue is combing the hair with the edit guides under FiberFX. Since I could not get BiasVmap to work, I thought I could comb the hair in layout. Well, if your model has bones this causes a crash as soon as you close the edit guides, and even corrupts the file in most cases. I have no work around for this issue. However, it does work if there are no bones in the scene.

The fourth issue I have come across is with the cloning of hair attributes under FiberFX as demonstrated in the tutorial movie Fiber_Weightmaps "using weightmaps for styling fibers". The issue here is that this feature of cloning and setting the default does not work at all. I have tried right clicking everywhere under FiberFX in 64bit and 32bit LW and I get nothing. Therefore, I cannot add two fiber effects to the same object. This is a major issue for me because I cannot add eyebrows or any other hairy surface using FiberFX. This is an issue with and without bones. I have no work around.

Here are the reasons behind not wanting to use the strand tools in modeler to create hair for my character. The main reason is control and placement. I want to control the density and scale of the hair with image maps to create different hairstyle like hairlines. The strand tools limit me based on polygons where hair can be placed, and does not allow the use of maps for control and placement or density. I do have more experiments planned to try with the strand tools, but they all require time consuming processes.

So, to wrap up this long post; All I want to do is add hair to some of my existing character setups without having to redo all the bones and weightmaps tweaks. Has anyone run into these issues, and when is LW9.5.1 coming out. These issues with FiberFX are just the tip of the iceberg of Bugs and Problems I have found in 9.5.

11-20-2008, 10:08 AM
I'd suggest you sign up to the open beta program and see whether these have been addressed in the later builds.
There's a huge amount of bug squashing going on over there so I'm sure you'll find many things improved.

11-20-2008, 11:09 AM
Thanks for the suggestion! I only have one problem with using the beta here, the whole team would have to convert and we would most likely have to convert the renderfarm for every build as well. This could potentionally slow down production. However, on my personal copy I most certainly will try the beta trials.

Thanks Again!