View Full Version : save renders labeled with version with F9

11-17-2008, 03:56 AM
I would like to when using F9 to render, to have my renders saved with some version number in the file name. I know there's some plugins for that, but lightwave should have it.
I know that if we want to save our renders with f9 we can add some image filter to do it, but it doesn't save versions. So, I think newtek should add that.

And I know this would be too much to ask but it should also have some option to "save state" so when I press F9 lw would save all options and objects, etc, then I would change something in my scene and do another F9, and if I don't like this one and want to go back to the previous state we could have the option to do it. I don't know any other 3d software that allows to do this.