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02-24-2003, 11:32 AM
Has anyone else run into this?

I was rigging a character and one of the null objects in the scene became unselectable. Every time I would try and grab it, either in the Scene Editor or the Schematic view, one of the bones of the parent object became selected instead. I couldn't eliminate the object from the scene...causing me to have to rebuild the scene.

Newtek tech support offered the solution to remove the object by editing the scene file in a text editor. It worked, but then another null object became lost. I've seen it happen in other scenes...is there something in that I'm missing here? :confused:

02-24-2003, 04:57 PM
This is't something iv ever encounted tho iv not done any rigging at all till the other day when i got acs4 and then it does it all for me anyway but as i said iv never seen this, and iv used nul's in just about every scene iv ever setup. So maybe this is related to something u do during the rigging process?

When it happens rather than remaking the scene can u not just add another null and ignore the broken one?


02-24-2003, 11:01 PM
Yeah, ACS4 is great...but I'm a student so I have to do it the hard way. :(

Anyway...I can't really ignore the problem as these nulls are controls for the character.

I know something's screwy, because I opened one of Proton's Siggraph Content scenes (../scenes/IK/IK_FK_Proxy.lws) and the problem is happening there as well. I open the scene and can pick the Proxy_Parent object, but none of the child nulls are selectable (RightHand_Move_Proxy, RightHand_Rotate_Proxy and so forth).
It's really bizarre. I can reproduce it easily on two different machines (both mac G4s running 7.5)...so I wonder if there's a bug in the Mac version's plugins??

Julian Johnson
02-25-2003, 04:39 AM
Hi Mike,

Isn't that how proxypick is supposed to work? In the Siggraph scene you're using, the Proxy Parent object is just a null that holds all of the proxy picks in place. It doesn't call the ProxyPick Master Plugin whereas all the Nulls underneath do. That's why you can select the Proxy_Parent null and not the others. If you turn off Proxy Pick in the Master Plugins window for the null you want to select you can select the null itself without the selection being translated to the bone...

The Mac Lightwave Resource Page

02-25-2003, 08:11 AM
Thanks for the tip Julian...I did not know that plugin existed!

Unfortunately, as I've never used it in my scenes, I still can't ascertain why an object would become unselectable. In one scene I added an item of clothing to the character was unable to delete it later. Perhaps somehow the proxy plugin is somehow being applied to it...but that's still a bug.

02-25-2003, 08:21 AM
Could u replicate the problem in a scene that your able to post here for us to try, as i said this has never happened to me so it could be related to something on your system(s), so it would be good to try the same scene on other ppls comps to see if the probblem still exists.