View Full Version : MainConcept codec for LW8 users too?

08-06-2003, 09:48 AM
Off of the VT uncensored thread...

"Oh, and Newtek has licensed the MainConcept DV codec, for the best possible DV results! Encoding and decoding are much more efficient than the MS codecs that were used previously. There's also a neat "clamp" feature to keep your video legal while you encode it. Works quite well. "

I know it's only 50 bucks...but is this going to make it into LW8? the MainConcept codec is lightyears better than the MS one- and it works with DF/DFX and a host of othe apps that the MS codec is crap for. Plus the MainConcept codec is sill slightly better than the Quicktime one for DV. Its would be nice...