View Full Version : Localy rotate seperat objects?

11-06-2008, 05:15 AM
Just wondering if there is a way to localy rotate seperate objects in layout, I thought that there already was a way in lightwave. I have made a little work around which take some time setting up, just wondering if there is another way.

I have made use of the new(goto love) same as funtion as a way to localy rotate my rig, and because all the controls are in there own world space once rotated I simple key all the controls and then turn off the same as funtion. I know that you can use parent relationships, but when you rotate them there still in parent space and hard to get sticky feet.

I also created a very basic script that turns off or on what I call the key placers, this method may not bee the bees knees, but once you make a quick pass with the placer controls just key the controls as many times as needed, then switch off same as and you can play with your iK feet.

I do like the new funcionality of being abel to edit the x value for example and having that translate to all selected items, plus the ability to switch off the the x chanel for all selected items, who ever had a role in getting that little mod into layout I thankyou imensly.

11-06-2008, 08:04 AM
You can open the scene editor and use shift or ctrl to select multiple objects at the same time. With the objects you want to rotate selected, grab the control handle of one of them and turn it, the others will turn too.

11-06-2008, 09:23 AM
You can also create selection sets in layout right in the flyout panel.
This makes it very quick to select multple things and be able to move, scale or rotate them all at once.

11-06-2008, 04:22 PM
not quite what I,m after, because they all rotate around their little pivots instead of one local grouped pivot.

11-06-2008, 04:29 PM
Parent them all to a null