View Full Version : Odd Sticking Mouse Problem

11-04-2008, 03:59 AM
I'm seeing an odd intermittent problem where the mouse cursor sticks on buttons and window borders, file names in Desktop windows as you run it down lists, fields, etc.

I have found reports of this on the web, but it's many things - video driver, mouse driver, registry.....

Has anyone seen this and knows what it is most likely to be?

Nothing new on the system, no internet connection either. I have tried a new mouse, and re-installed the video drivers. It's a USB mouse, bog-standard.

Not a consistent problem, but annoying when it happens, and not normal behaviour.....so something has changed in there somewhere I guess.



11-10-2008, 12:29 PM
Looking like a dodgy USB port.....

Should have thought of that before all the web-based help on registry whatnot and malware.....too much geek is not a healthy thing and wastes time. :D


11-11-2008, 02:21 PM
No it wasn't..... :thumbsdow:mad:


11-13-2008, 01:28 PM
have you tried using the mouse on a different computer? did the same issue occurred?

How about plugging it on a different USB port?

11-14-2008, 02:58 AM
Yep, done all that - even tried a new USB mouse, and a PS2 mouse.

There is something subtle and insidious wrong with the system I reckon to be doing this, being so hard to kill. So, I have reinstalled Windows, reformatted the drive, and luckily on this machine just run LW and Modo, BNR and a couple of other utilities. It's been working fine for months, actually a couple of years thinking back. But I recently had escalating problems with a cheap KVM switch from Belkin - display issues and the mouse problem seemed to be caught up in that.

So, I have now ended up with my two systems separated, monitor, keyboard and mouse for each and a crowded desk again. But it's a better solution to the KVM I reckon, and having used it for a few days now I can see alot of benefits to working this way.....so although a pain in the proverbial and expensive when I didn't need the expense, it kind of works out.....providing the reinstall has stopped the mouse problem.....I shall find out now :)