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11-03-2008, 04:11 PM
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Lightwave from the perspective of a new user. My thoughts about Autodesk’s buy out of Softimage and other companies.

Hello All

I am new here. I have been doing 3d for a while with things like Blender. But the problem with blender is that everything seems to me to be all over the place. This made the package very difficult to learn. I have also looked at the other packages mentioned later in this post. The thing is that all these products as good as they are, they are still confusing. All of them are very expensive ether you buy a package that dose the basics of modeling, texturing, rendering and buy extra modules to give you more power or you buy a big package but at the end of the day they are about the same price.(In my opinion away)

After all this looking around I have decided that Lightwave is the package for me for lots of reasons:

- Cost (It is inexpensive, it's just me I don't have a big studio buying my software for me to use. So cost is going to be right up there.)

- Interface (Lightwave is split in two one half for modeling and the other for animation and rendering. This means that you can focus on one task at a time when learning. I like that way the UI is laid-out. All the tools are grouped in to tasks like Create for creating geometry, it just makes sense. Also the UI dose not jump out at you like some other programs.

- Power (Lightwave gives you the lot, Particles, Animation, Hypervolexs and now Hair the list just goes on)

- Cross-platform (You get a Mac version and a Windows version in the same box. On top of that you can get the ScreamerNet renderer for Linux. I love that because I have had linux machines lying around I can put them to use for free. All my linux box’s are my old systems. You can just get a network going and instant render farm)

So these are just a few of the reasons I chose Lightwave, now all I have to do is wait for 9.5 for mac to be released and the buy a copy. I am running in discovery mode.

Now on to my other topic.

When you think of High-end off the shelf visual effects and animation software how many main packages come to mind?

For me it was four they are: Lightwave, Max, Maya and XSI.

Now three of these packages are owned by the same company. I have no idea what Autodesk will do with XSI but I can bet they will rase it's foundation package price. I just hope that Newtek stays independent.

I would be interested to hear what people think about both topics.

Thanks Guys


11-03-2008, 05:08 PM
blender is being re written for 2.5 and by what i've read and heard in their podcasts looks to gain an new workflow to make it much more user friendly.

no date to when that will arrive mind you.

hi end 3d apps?

zbrush [not animation>zbrush for sculpting but used extensivly in animated characters in films]
vue for huge landscapes in films
3d coat
blender [fluids]

motion builder [mo cap editing/pre viz]
poser was used in pre viz too btw.[matrix films for example]
sketch up>previz

glue3d [fluids]

btw softimage killed off xsi foundation leaving essentials and advanced versions of xsi available for version 7.

also lightwave 9.5 is out i believe on mac already..go get it!

11-03-2008, 05:46 PM
Nice list thanks

Yes I may not use Blender all that much as it is so difficalt for me but I do follow is development very closely. One feature that I love is grease pencil.

I have used Cinema 4D is a really nice application.
Had a quick look at 3d Coat. I download the demo. But I have Zbrush anyways but 3d Coat is a lot cheaper.

I also have Houdini Apprentice. It looks really good and I like how everything is node based. It gives you the ability to go back and change things. i would never buy it, it's way out of my price range. I have also got Motion Builder PLE but this to is very expansive.

As for:


I have never heard of them I will have to check them out.

When was foundation killed?


11-03-2008, 06:50 PM
Cresshead I see that you are also in the UK also.
I am going to get my copy of LW form OneVideo http://onevideo.co.uk/. They don't have 9.5 in stock yet. I send an email to Newtek on the 31/10 about the mac version of LW. I got a fast response which is another thing I love. Newtek are very helpful. The email said the reason the resellers are not selling 9.5 yet is that the mac version is still in beta. I think this mean's Newtek have not started to distribute box copy's yet so are you using a downloaded win copy?


11-04-2008, 03:51 AM
Correct, normally, you get a 'boxed' version from onevideo (where most of us in the UK get it from I think :) ), then download the latest version from Newtek. If you join the Open Beta, that puts you in a position to really keep up to date. You sort out your registrations details then Newtek will tell you where to access your downloads.

Welcome on board BTW!

11-04-2008, 10:55 AM
Hey digitalrelm :thumbsup:

Yep - the Mac UB 9.5 is still in beta, Chilton's wearing his little fingers to the bones I think! We get our LightWave licences from onevideo - never had any complaints with them :) Running LW 9.3 in Windows 64-bit and 32-bit flavours (both stable), and the Mac LW 9.3 and 9.5 beta. As soon as the 9.5 Mac version is out of beta we'll update both platforms to 9.5 - I love the way NewTek allows you to swap from platform to platform as you want - if only other companies were as generous!

Interesting to see someone come in from the cold outside and the reasons they chose this particular door to come through!