View Full Version : Problems with Digital confusion and camera focus in general..

08-05-2003, 07:08 PM
Hi - this is probably and easy question for most (I hope).

For some reason, when I try and use the camera focus to get a nice looking effect on my scene, it will not blur out objects. It blurs out the edges of the two spotlights i have aiming at the center of my little object array, but it will not blur out the objects themselves.

I set my Depth of Field value to the proper amount by lining up the radius indicator with the object I wanted in-focus. The distance is 28.5 'units.' My Lens F-Stop value is set to 2.0.. I have tried a range of F-Stop values, because I am almost positive that the depth of field is accurate. Could it be that F-Stop and Depth of Field are not in the same units?

I have also tried using Digital Confusion by creating a sphere object and setting it to "Unseen by Camera" (is this considered a null object?). I then ran digital confusion, set autofocus to the null object, moved the it into place and set the F-Stop to 2 units. This "should" result in the camera going out of focus just about halfway through the surrounding objects. However, nothing happens.

Anyway, that's way to much typing and no one will probably read all that junk..

Sorry for the long-winded descriptions!


**EDIT: I set the F-Stop REAL low, like .2 or .3 and it began working ..somewhat.. Havn't got it all figured out yet, but I will.**

08-07-2003, 12:38 AM
this lscript loads a scene with DOF attached to null.
uses lw internal DOF, not digital confusion.


video tutorial