View Full Version : Hypothetical - LightWave & XSI merge

10-29-2008, 04:00 PM
Nothing against AutoDesk, but I really don't care for the news of the recent merger of XSI with them, only for the fact that it becomes more of a monopoly (3DS, Maya, XSI). SoftImage through interviews has mentioned AD wasn't the only or first company they looked at. I am a completely happy LW user (for many years now) and excited to see where it's going by the recent release of 9.5. That said, what if SoftImage and Newtek would have joined forces? Taking what's great about LightWave and XSI together in one package. My question would be, would you pay a heavier price tag for the software? Basically getting all that is great with LW, but with a higher end animation package.