View Full Version : Simple feature request

Slick Systems
10-29-2008, 06:05 AM
Hi - I don't know if this is possible but a few features I'd like to see are some really simple ones like:

Dynamic Rulers on each orthogonal viewport, with the ability to drag guides out of them so you can snap objects to them.

A better alignment method, when producing models - getting points aligned 100% perfect is very irritating there are ways of doing it but they are more complex than just a drag/snap or a simple align to edge method. Especially useful if you are not using the array or clone commands. And the value command can be time consuming if you're aligning more than just a few points. Say if you needed to align an object/group of polys.

The ability to clone based on cursor position with a snap feature rather than having to measure and use clone tool.

The ability to move layers around rather than having to copy and paste info all the time. Perhaps make this a feature of the layers pallette.

I hope that in future versions we may see some of these implemented.

Kind Regards