View Full Version : HELP!! Expressions on a Foot Rig.

10-28-2008, 05:39 PM
Hey everyone,

Right now I'm trying to write an expression that will make a foot right that will function similar to that in XSI.

I'm having some trouble wading through. Basically, if you haven't used XSI before, when you rotate the null at the heel of the foot, it will start to make your character get on their tip-toes. This is essentially what I want to do. Could anyone help me achieve this?

For a quick basis of what my rig looks like, you can check out William Vaughn's video on the reverse foot rig. I'll also be able to upload the rig later when I get home. It pretty much looks the same, with an added null (ring shaped) under the foot that is the parent of the whole foot rig nulls. (hell parented to this null for total control).

So when I rotate this master null in the pitch, I want the character to climb up on his/her tip-toes, I assumed applying a script to each of those nulls, using the rotation.p would get me close, but it doesn't. ... Anyway, sorry, I've been trying to get this to work on my laptop for a good while today, and I've read nearly all the documentation on Lscripts and expressions today, other then Mike Green's reference guide (can't look at it at work, doh).

Any help is appreciated, thanks!!!

10-29-2008, 01:01 AM
Scene file is attached.

10-29-2008, 11:27 AM
Looks like I had some parenting wrong with the last rig, woops...

So, I had a thought this morning, without proper constraints (that I'm aware of) in LW, what I did to achieve what I was looking for, or close to it anyway;

Create another null, set it's pos and rot to the goal as 'same as item'. Then parented the heel null to the newly created goal. It worked out nearly perfectly. Save for an error I got, some cyclic error it said.

Anyway, more tests to be had...

The file attached is updated with these changes.