View Full Version : Keeping the output path relative

10-28-2008, 01:37 AM
I have a project directory that contains 15 scenes that are rendered as image sequences into 15 directories for use in a multi pass composite. The hierarchy is typical, i have a scenes folder, objects, images, etc.. I output everything to a /renders/scene1_frames/render.tga , /renders/scene2_frames/render.tga and so on. I render this using render q or screamer net if i want to use multiple computers.

The problem arises when i need to do a new version of this effect. Basically what i do is copy the project content directory into a new sub folder, set lgihtwave's content directory to the duplicate, do all my adjustments, camera repositions, etc to all the 15 scene files and then need to re render the frames into the same relative locations. What lightwave seems to do is write the rendered frames into the locations of the previous renders i did, not into the /renders/scene1_frames/ of the new (duplicated) directory.
This is a big hassle as I'm doing a lot of versions of the same effect setup and setting my render destination again in every scene file is a hassle.
Is there some way to always have the renders to into same relative location ?