View Full Version : Problems with VT5.2 and SX-8

10-27-2008, 06:38 PM
I'm currently using the SX-8 as a live mixer only - no video is fed through the VT and I am using a DB-15 cable for the audio connection.

Not sure if these are bugs or compatibility issues that do not exist with the newer SX-84 (It's set in 2 channel mode and SX-84 audio out, NOT VT audio out - to eliminate the delay):

1. Set AUX to unity and an input channel's AUX SEND to unity. Set the AUX radio button options to 'PRE' mode and distorted bleed-through of audio on that channels occurs - even with the fader pulled all the way down. Does not occur when in 'POST' mode.

2. Plug a mic into XLR input 1L or 1R (tried with both dynamic and phantom mics). Set the pan knob to center. The main and PA outs have audio on both channels. Bring up and monitor the AUX SEND for that channel and audio only occurs on one channel no matter how you rotate the pan knob.

3. When using AUX, the audio is displayed on the right rear meter of VT-in and VT-out only.

4. The input meters for each channel do not update as quickly as the VT-in or VT-out meters, sometimes they do not react at all and the previous peaks never reset.