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08-05-2003, 12:58 AM
American River College is located in Sacramento, CA.

NOTE: Intro to 3D is a prerequisite of the Intermediate 3D, however, IF you have approximately six months of background with Lightwave you may be able to join the Intermediate 3D, effectively waiving the prerequisite.

At American River College we currently offer two courses designed around Lightwave 3D.

1. Introduction to 3D Modeling and Animation - this course is a survey of the animation process, where the student learns the fundamentals of a variety of modeling techniques and develops an understanding of the animation process.

2. Intermediate 3D Modeling and Animation - this course develops and refines modeling techniques needed for the design and creation of a human. Once the model is build a variety of rigging techniques are applied to the model, where the student learns how to apply bone configurations and develops control over weight mapping and deformations.

Come to the Art New Media website to find further details.

Tutorials used on my personal websites are referenced and used in the classroom, along with many other tutorials and external references.

For future reference: There will be new classes to be available in the future. Advanced classes focusing on texturing and dynamics, and a class dedicated to animation of bipedal and quadpedal characters.