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08-04-2003, 09:20 PM
The guys at SimplyLightwave.com have just started the August competition. Here are the details from the site:

Mad Scientist's Labratory

Model the enviroment of a mad scientist's lab! From all the bottles to his creations that hes working on. You can take your imagination to extremes on this. Do things like finding out what the mad scientist's profession is and model instruments and machines that relate to it . I would personally go for more of a robotic scientists, builds machines .

Ok, now if you join either state that you are joining as a Noobie, or Normal entry and write like the following:

"July Challenge - Name - Noobie"
"July Challenge - Name - Normal"

1. Texturing is allowed.
2. Wire frame shots must be presented at random times.
3. Various shots of the progress, throughout the whole challenge, at different angles.
4. Concept Drawing or Picture, to be presented (where possible).
5. Submit your stills at 640x480, for loading purposes.
6. Final render can be at any size you wish, and all artowork in the render has to of been made by yourself.
7. Finish by last day of month - Exact time not specified, just make sure its finished by this date.
8. Post your final render at whatever size within the "Final render - Noobie" or "Final render - Normal" threads, depending if you joined in the noob category or Normal category.
8. Everything in your final render has to be modelled by you during the challenge.
9. Have lots of fun and learn lots!

The folks over at SimplyMaya have been calling into question the resolve of the Lightwave community. It would be nice to show them a little demonstration of what Lightwavers are really capable of.

08-05-2003, 03:34 AM
Mmm sounds cool, here's a clickable link http://www.simplylightwave.com/