View Full Version : Need to meet deadline / Output problems Please help

08-04-2003, 01:22 PM
sorry this is a duplicate post in vt general support i need to output projects to tape today :

Hello there

I have the VT2 Animators Edtion Build is 3890

I have the two component BNC In / Out Cables (octopus cables)
Newtek sent me the BNC To YC Adapters.

for the input i connect them to green and the red bnc i have the same for the output.
im going out to a consumer S-VHS Deck
i cant get a signal to record my project that im playing from the DDR And mapped to the switcher..

I've tried everything and still no picture to record please help.

i went into prefrences / System and i selected Component and i tried YC still no output what am i doing wrong ... need to turn in the tapes today.

thank you


08-04-2003, 03:40 PM
Let's get this clear - you can see the program you wish to output on a T-Vision, right? And that T-Vision is set to Program as a source? And your VCR is connected via an S-video cable to the S-video adapter on the VT[2]'s output cables, right? And the VCR is set to use the correct input, (presumably Line or maybe Aux)?

If you connect another video source directly to the same VCT in the same fashion, are you able to record THAT source?