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10-09-2008, 10:04 PM
Hi - I understand that buying from a dealer is the best choice, but I've been quoted 2k for a quad core machine. It is for my 2nd toaster- my first ran 12k with raided scsi, BOB, RS etc....

Now I found this quad core machine on eBay (Bare with me)
Item #: 350106451130 for $733.00

Now the 2K System:

Quad 2.4
2 gigs 800mhz ram
320 gig hd for system/programs
2- 500 gig sata's in a raid config for the video work.
$2030 complete.

Help me understand the $1300.00 difference besides the double Sata config. Neither system comes with an operating system

10-09-2008, 11:34 PM
Dose it using raid card with 2x500 sata?
A 500G sata is cost around USD$120-150 here in Taiwan, and most new M/B have 4-8 SATA ports with Raid (0 and 1) feature. $1300 might be too much for just adding two 500G sata. If it is came with Raid card, that might make sense. Make sure what you get. A raid card may cost from USD$80 to $800 from different brands with different features.

10-09-2008, 11:42 PM
Not sure about the raid configuring. I guess my thing is I will not use this toaster for live capturing, only for camera switching, so do I need all the xtras or could I just get away with a $700 machine?

10-10-2008, 12:57 AM
what type of cpu did the dealer reccomended system have? xeon or core 2?
also, as animlab asked, if it has a nice hardware raid that could add quite a lot to the price. raid wouldnt really be necessary for you, but having a mirrored raid array (writes the same thing to two harddrives at once) is a nice and very useful feature.

also, if you do get the ebay computer, you'll want a second harddrive, its not a good idea to have the system programs and video files on the same drive.

it seems that the dealers really jack the prices up, when we built a new computer i ended up buying all the components from newegg and spending a LOT less than i would have if i bought from a dealer. of course, having a dealer has its advantages too, and i wouldnt have been able to find good components without their assistance.

regardless tho, $2000 is really steep... it might be a good idea to get the model numbers for the various parts, and take a look around at online websites to see the prices of the components.

10-10-2008, 09:05 AM
Thanks SNU & Animlab- U confirmed to me that other computers will work. I don't mind spending a couple hundred extra for a computer built by a professional but 1300 extra is tough. But then again eBay scares me too!

10-10-2008, 10:23 AM
Well another thing you might want to consider.. The system on Ebay is quoting you a 1333 MHz FSB processor, yet using a board that only supports DDR-2 800MHz ram.. Now what you want is a motherboard that supports DDR-3 1333MHz ram with that CPU. This way you are actually using the full potential of the CPU. It's like putting a Ferarri engine in a Volkswagon chassis. Not sure why anyone would still use a board that uses DDR-2, it is end of life, and upgrading the ram would eventually be impossible..

You definitely want to use at least two drives striped together in software for your video drive. Also even the 2k system seems to have 800MHz ram. Also please note if you are switching or planning to use virtual sets, you will want to have the VT card in a 66MHz slot.

We also build custom VT5 configured DreamStation workstations. We can put something together that is based on some of the latest system components, yet have been tested and are true.. Please give us a call or check our website out for more information.. Also use Newtek's system recommendations when configuring your system.