View Full Version : Lost Capture Files During Live Broadcast Crash

10-08-2008, 06:21 PM
While in the third quarter of a homecoming football broadcast my VT4 system locked up hard. I had to use Task Manager to end the task. I re-loaded VT and continued to capture to a different file figuring I would look for first file after the game ended. The system locked two more times before the end of the game. Now I'm trying to find the files to see if there is anyway to patch things together. I can't find any corrupt files, temp files, or anything that help me save this broadcast. I would think there would be something to help me recover from a system crash. Its been failrly reliable but after all it is a windows PC. Pleaes help if you can I hate that I have lost this special day for so many kids.

10-08-2008, 08:53 PM
ouch... the only thing i can think of is trying an undelete utility like "restoration" ( http://www.snapfiles.com/get/restoration.html ) or "freeundelete" ( http://www.officerecovery.com/freeundelete/ )
but even if you can recover the files, harddrives work by writing data to random sectors, so its very likely that recording the second clip severely corrupted the first, and the third corrupted the second, etc...

still, its worth a shot i guess. just make sure that if you find any files, you undelete them to another harddrive, so as not to further corrupt them.

10-10-2008, 02:12 PM
Turn on hidden files and folders in your Windows browser.. Look for large "temp" files on your media drive, also look in the "Newtek Info" folder where you were capturing the clips to for more "temp" files. If you do see a large temp file, try renaming the clip, and it's extension to match the codec you were capturing into. Then try and drop it on the timeline. For example if you were using .RTV preset to capture with, rename the file (X).rtv. I would re-render the clip even if it does work before I'd start editing at all. If it did save them, I know the files are hidden, make sure you search the hidden files and "Newtek Info" folders.

I would also use the "chop" button once in a while recording any live production, this makes separate clips of course, but allows the clip to finish building, while you keep recording.. This makes problems like this not as big.

VT(x) should not lock up on capture if the system running it is properly built, and of course maintained. Make sure you are not using the quad channel audio preset in your capture window, and that you are capturing "Program Out", and not "Main In". Also you might want to check the status of your video array. Run some diagnostics, after you back up footage on the drive. What is the configuration of the drive array were you capturing to?

Best of luck restoring these clips!! ~chris