View Full Version : Makes LW8 has a piece of VT3...Why Not?

08-04-2003, 05:25 AM
I've using LW and VT for many years. Since the origial LW team had gone and NT had made well promising to keep LW going...I've some ideas regarding the new LW8 work flow.

LW should has some concept of VT...Yeah... WHY NOT!!!

For Instance, we all had seen the time line usage that NT showed in Siggraph. You can copy/Paste and Edit portions on it...
SO, let us use the way of VT dealing with time line...hold down the RMB on time line then drag L/R to move the time line... drag U/D to scale the time line...Also, right mouse to select the protion of keyframes then doulbe click on time line to auto fit...
Furthermore, right click on the keyframe that has made to bring up the popup menu for detal editing...such as... TBC,Bezier editing on the incoming curve...

the same concept should works on all kind of editing in Layout view ports... for example, right ckick on the node(keyframe) on a motion path to bring up the pop up menu to do the incoming curve editing...so, it would be the advance version of Path tool set...

08-04-2003, 09:01 AM
Whilst a skinable interface like the toaster would be nice, Its time to look carefully at the workflow of Lightwave, and tailor the interface and program to the workflow not just mimic VT3.

That scaling of the timeline is not immediatley odvious.

There a lot of power hidden under the hood in Lightwave, its important we don't lose what we already have

VT3 works because a lot of thought has gone in to it.

The same needs to be done for future versions of lightwave, I for one want more than eye candy.

It requires careful evaluation of where the program is going.

08-21-2003, 04:44 PM
I recently got my copy of VT[3]. When I open Modeler, I do not get grid lines in three of the four quad views. Comparing my Display settings between my SA copy of LW7.5C and the one that came with VT[3] offered no clues for this anamoly. Suggestions?

I am posting here as this is one of the few LW/VT threads I found.