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10-07-2008, 03:12 PM

Time Code on the Table at SMPTE Conference
3D, Digital Cinema Methodology Also to be Discussed
By Bryant Frazer
October 7, 2008 Source: HD Studio

The article begins thusly:

"Sometimes, standards help define new technology. (Think newly engineered codecs that help create new workflows, or rigidly defined home-video formats like Blu-ray Disc.) But even more often, they seem to lag behind cutting-edge workflows, creating an environment where kludges and workarounds carry the day. That's why this year's SMPTE Conference & Expo in Los Angeles, to be held October 27 through 30 at the Renaissance Hollywood hotel in Hollywood, is looking especially important. Among the topics up for discussion is nothing less than a brand new standard for that granddaddy of video standards: time code.

Time code needs to be revamped as the existing standard's limitations in today's all-digital pipelines become more clear...."