View Full Version : Weird bug

10-05-2008, 10:56 PM
I know I have heard of a place to send bugs to so if someone will let me know the address I will do so.

**The Bug**

In modeler, while using the helix multiply tool I clicked on the zoom screen (mag glass) with the helix numeric control window open and I, for lack of a better term could not let go of the zoom tool. No matter what I do with the mouse after that all I get is zoom in and out. I cannot even switch to other programs. I hit every key on my keyboard and finally had to force quite modeler. Even then I had to use the return key because I could not click on the buttons (no pointer visible).

I tried this again to see if it was reproducible and it is.

Lightwave modeler 9.3 UB running on a 20" Intel iMac 10.5.4