View Full Version : Exporting CG graphics

10-02-2008, 08:47 AM
In TriCaster I'd like to see a way of exporting the graphics from the CG.

Say I make a lower third and I want to bring it into Photoshop after my show, add something else to it and then add this new title into another NLE on a Mac or PC. Some of our clients are stressing this as a must have feature, especially churches. They record the "live" service on the DDR and then take the Mpeg2 files to cut it down for content. But they want to take a title created in Tricaster and bring it into their NLE as the graphic.

I noticed if you have "LIVE TEXT". You can "save as" *.png. So why not have this "save as" extension in Tricaster when you open up CG program?

Or at least have additional "save as" options, like PSD etc... as "save as" file types that can still preserve the alpha channel.