View Full Version : CPU usage with M2T files SPEdit and DDRs

09-28-2008, 09:11 AM
I just did a show and almost lost my *&%^
Plying back out of a DDR or out of Speed edit my cpu was maxing out 85 to 100% my audio was popping and my video studded, at least I was wise enough to layback to tape, this was on stream of M2t in each DDR and Speed edit, and a few PNGs for slates in another DDR, I could not do this show with out the tape desk. I can record 4 Chanels on TeVo but canít play a m2t stream from a time line in VT5 without choking.
I set my cache to the fastest drive (yes i am using all scsi drives) I turned off background rendering, I read the forums before al of this, and it still did not help.
I also have to say I had the same problem after rendering down to NT25 or the speed edit HQ codec
What gives, anyone else have this problem? DO I need to wipe and reload VT5 again? It sure is making more work for me to have to go into damage control a day before the show to get something more than a power point presentation going.

09-28-2008, 10:10 AM
why are you using M2T files for a live show? I would never do this for live production ALWAYS stick to one of the Newtek codecs... sure at times when someone shows up with a thumb drive and says play this video in the middle of a show I may play another format but as a rule I stick to Newtek codecs.

For that matter I even to the same when editing if time permits I re-render any files given to me.

10-01-2008, 07:51 PM
I had to accept 3 files from the mac platform, and the quicktimes didnt event get recognised let alone play. i had 3 other files from Vegas and they were renderd in NT25 and 1 that was a speed edit HQ 4.2.2 all the files stutterd and the audio poped, i was able to use the HQ 4.2.2 for the pre show because it didnt have audio, but the video was jumpy and the both CPUs were maxing a 90%
Somthing just aint right, and AVI dv NT25 singel stream should not studder out of speed edit, what if i wanted to add an effect or a trasition, that would not do.
Now in Vegas going out DVI to the projector on a laptop playing an M2T file it worked, and i had cross fades on the files.
I have alot of money invested in the VT and have for the last 5 years, some times it works and i like it, other times it is more troubble than it worth.