View Full Version : Beta testers needed for Jettofillet.

09-27-2008, 02:12 AM
Hi guys. I'm trying to make these LScripts work on Lightwave 9.5.

Just started with Jettofillet, which is much simpler. As far as I guessed, the problem relies in the undo() bucle used to simulate interactive refresh: now, and I don't know exactly why, this bucle requieres 2 consecutive undo() calls. Can anyone explain why in later versions only 1 was needed????

Doing so, it seems to work fine. I'm attaching the compiled LScript, so I would be glad if you can give it a try in order to check it. I have also two questions, due to the fact of being unplugged from this for 4 years....

Is there a better way of designing interactive LScripts than the undo() bucle?
Also, can slider controls for floating point numbers be implemented in LScript?

Much thanks for your interest!