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09-25-2008, 12:26 AM
So i'm trying to have an object partially 'disappear' as if there was a sphere growing out from the center (think the time travel 'bubble' from terminator that vaporizes anything inside of it leaving a sort of spherical silhouette.

I can achieve a circular effect using a clip map easy enough by having an image map of a circle grow out from the center to clip the object. This is basically the effect I want but I'd like this to be an xyz sphere and not a single axis shape doing the clipping.

Can't figure out how to do this with the clip map, is there any way to do this by having an intersecting object do the clipping (a sphere passing through an object)? This would be kind of like a boolean that animates.

Anyone have any ideas? Hope this makes sense :help:
Here is a crude example.

09-25-2008, 02:13 AM

animated booleans but old, don't know if it still works

lwplugindatabase (http://www.lwplugindb.com/Plugin.aspx?id=2a2e00de)
Fi's shaders: RayGoesThroughOnce (Ray Goes Through Once) allows you to perform shading similar to animated boolean operations.

old as well, don't know if it works

09-25-2008, 05:09 AM
Dpont's Boolean shader (http://pagesperso-orange.fr/dpont/plugins/nodes/nodes/Boolean.html#Boolean) should work.

09-25-2008, 09:21 AM
That boolean shader looks perfect, thanks guys. I'll give it a try.