View Full Version : Nvidia Quadro known conflict

09-21-2008, 01:21 PM
I run a Nvidia Quadro FX graphics card. I made a couple of changes in the advanced settings on the card before installing Vue Xstream 6.5 software update, so when I opened lightwave 9.3 and tried to open a scene, it would crash on importing, giving me the "Lightwave has encountered a problem and has to shut down" prompt.
I thought it was a Vue Xstream conflict with 6.5 somehow, but after reading a lot of blogs, I was convinced it had to be a hardware problem, but how? I remembered making some changes in the Nvidia Adavanced Setting parameters, in the Nvidia control panel (In the Windows XP control panel, Perfomance and Maintenance) even though I had selected the "Let programs select the setting" mode button. So I went in and turned everything off I had toggled on one-by-one in the settings. It turned out to be a setting called "Extension Limits" in the Nvidia control panel. TOGGLE THIS OFF. I hope this info saves someone running the same stuff some grief. My card is a Nvidia Quadro 4700FX.