View Full Version : 16:9 or HDV letterboxed and streached in VT5 playback

09-20-2008, 03:56 PM
am i missing something, i renderd an HDV file out of vegas as an NT25 and a NTSC DV 16:9 file and when i play them back in the VT5 they are letterboxed? and strerached.
now i do see in the control panel video mode720x480 ntsc and also default aspect as 16;9 i an viewing out S not comp.
I need to play these files out full screen to a projector not squished and letterboxed.
any sugestions.


09-21-2008, 08:20 AM
Fix or not fixed.... I renderd out as an Mt2 transpost stream. i got it to play full screen not squished in a DDR, but here is another problem, in DDR 1 it plays full screen, and the tga slates play fine, in DDR2 the same file is letterboxed and stereached, actualy all mt2 streams are, along with avi's and WMV.
Speed edit the mt2 streams playback correct. and all other file formats. now your asking why cant i just playthem all in DDR1.
well i have 2 hours of content and live camera feeds most content is only 3 to 5 min and lots of slates between content, and some may change on the spot.
is there someother setting i have to set for the DDR to play back full screen?