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09-19-2008, 04:48 AM
I was working on my first Character in Lightwave, he missing a name but is called Darkie in the rig setup. Anyway, i cant get expressions to apply, it works with the automatic plugins as doctors and followers, but as this is my first attempt on makeing my own expressions with help of the book "LW8Cartoon Character Creation" ( Working in LW9.0 ) it dosent seem to work for me.

This is what ive done

Added the finger control "Darkie_Fingers_LT" how should have its rotation channels used for the script to modify the motion of the bone. Parent that one to the hand_LT in the rig. Get in to motion option for each related bone and insert expression and filled out the scratch pads A,B,C with my expression formula. ( Example: "Darkie_Fingers_LT.Rotation(Time).p+67.70" also tried insert the object name in front ca65i:layer1.Darkie_F..... ) So far nothing has worked, it feels like its something ive missed, almost like an on/off switch for expressions. I inserted the scene items to the books example scene file where it should work if it was any general option setting fault, but my character wont do a thing when rotate the controller even if its rig setup is done in the same way with the expression script, no IK settings and nothing else then the script itself pointing towards the controller hows parent with the hand. It just wont work for me.

Probably something really simple but ive missed it and wish someone here could help me. I have also made a screen dump. Linked it here under becouse i belived it was a bit large to set as image direct in the forum. Its not much, the red ball is the controller and then the hirachy is shown with the motion option and expression.

Screen dump (http://www.3dim.se/clownjam/datas/users/1-expressiondosentwork.jpg)

Thank you all in advance for any advice i could get.

09-22-2008, 08:50 AM
I found what ive forgot. Im so new at this so this was just stupid. Ive forgot the main row values at h,p and b rotation channels. Only make the motion for the scratchpad but not in the accual main expression field how reads the scratchpads.