View Full Version : Stranged about certification in Mexico.

09-18-2008, 09:40 PM

I was wondering if someone can help me with this NIGHTMARE for certification. :lwicon:

I approached what seems to be the only certification agency in mexico, and they told me that I could take an exam that costs about 400 to 500 dollars to get certified as user and trainer, BUT that nobody actually approved the exam.

I sounds EXPENSIVE since Microsoft cert cost me 115 usd / exam, and Adobe costs me about 120 /Exam.

Then they approached me and let me know that if I take a 4 / 20 hour module course at a cost of 1,200 dollars and deliver an animation, I would get certified inmediatelly as user and Instructor. No questions asked, and NO exam done.

It sounded weird, as I have never encountered a situation like that. I asked for the course map and gathered i had absolutelly no need for module 1 since it's basics. I could probably skip modules 2 and 3 also but decided just to go without 1, in case i can grasp something new.

They tell me then that if I skip module 1, I wont get certified even if I deliver all correctly.

I wonder why a company that best interest must be to have more certified users / instructors so that we can better promote the program has this situations that looks more like a way to make 300 easy dollars than to certify.

I guess my questions are:

1) does it really costs 400 to 500 dollars to take the cert exam?
2) Why if I know the module 1 content by hard, I have to take it anyways, and there is not a localization exam.
3) Howcome if I pay a 1,200 dollars course I don't need to take any exam to certify? isn't the course to prepare us for the exam?

thanks if anyone can tell me their experience with certification i will appreciate it...

BTW I'm certified with some companies, like cisco, Microsoft, and even some adobe, so it sounds just not right.