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08-01-2003, 07:03 AM
Hi there id like to know, when we can expect to buy this version ?

Screenshot: http://www.creactive-design.co.uk/lightwave_vx/selection_filter.html

Lightwave 3D vX

/NewBie :D

08-01-2003, 08:13 AM
That's probably MODO's demo - ain't it? :) j/k

08-01-2003, 08:14 AM
It is only a conceptual design by someone not even associated with Newtek! So it is likely that we will NOT see that exact UI.

However, version 8, available Q4 this year, will have many workflow improvements and we may end up seeing something similar. I understand that to be the goal of this conceptual design - to suggest to Newtek that workflow improvements and UI improvements would be a good idea.

LightWave 3D [8] Includes:

* Improved workflow in Layout and Modeler
* Rigid Body Dynamics
* Improved Soft Body Dynamics
* Faster IK, FK
* Bone Dynamics
* More powerful and flexible character animation controls and tools
* Improved character setup workflow
* New Particle System Tools
* Animatable UV coordinates
* Improvements to Lscript(TM) scripting language and to the API

More Lightwave 8 Information (http://www.newtek.com/news/releases/07-29-03a.html)

08-01-2003, 08:28 AM
Dunno just found the site! :D i think the gui graf looks just nice!

But the version must be there some where in a beta ???

Loooove to try it !

/NewBie :D

08-01-2003, 09:32 AM
Glad you like it NewBie!

Unfortunately it's all Photoshop mockups and Flash simulations at the moment, it doesn't exist as a real program.

However as a result of the work, Newtek have contacted me to take part in an interface workshop, set to take place in sometime near the end of August, after the dust has settled from SIGGRAPH!

As far as I know the workshop will be attended by:

Members of NewTek engineering
Lee Stranahan
Policarpo (Frog Design)
Professional LightWave users
and myself

The agenda hasn't been set yet but I imagine we will be looking at parts of the vX stuff, the huge amount of user feedback from these very forums and the SIGGRAPH interface as starting points.

From what I gather the SIGGRAPH interface was designed in-house by NewTek to help distinguish they were showing a new version of LightWave and not just an upgrade.

Although the aesthetic appeal of the interface will more than likely be discussed, the main focus will be on workflow - what works now and needs leaving alone and what doesn't that needs improving.

Hope that helps clear up some stuff!


08-01-2003, 09:44 AM
Someone please consider us tablet users in the process: no middle mouse button, no wheel...

Just kidding.
Good luck and pack us something nice that goes BOOM! when we do amazing stuff.

Thanks for your efforts.

08-01-2003, 10:32 AM
I liked your interface design Matt. I personally didn't like the interface for lightwave 8 that was shown at Siggraph and I hope Newtek changes it before they release 8 or at least give an option in the program to go to the 7.5 interface. In the end, the interface is secondary to the features and I love the features that are going to come with lightwave 8 but a new look and feel would nice.

I remember seeing a couple of designs that were made by the Newtek team posted in this forum. One of them was based on a black or dark grey look. I love that look because I use combustion and it uses a dark grey interface and it makes the images that you are working with stand out more.

08-01-2003, 10:37 AM
depends how far NT want to take this interface stuff, but personally I would love it to be totally configurable.

so you could set it up to make allowances for things like no middle mouse, i.e. YOU set the key combo that when combined with a mouse (or tablet pen) click would invoke a popup menu, and that menu would be sensitive to whatever you're hovering over on screen, so if it was an object it would invoke the user configured objects related popup menu, if it was a bone it would invoke a user configured bones related popup menu, if it was a light it would invoke a user configured lights related popup menu etc. etc.

now that would be cool!!! :)

08-01-2003, 02:55 PM
Good job on the mock up. Glad to see that you will be getting to have some input. You have obviously put a lot of work into the design. Hope you are able to see it through if Newtek likes your ideas and wants you to do more.

I too would like the interface to be configurable - modular and skinable actually.

08-03-2003, 06:03 AM
Hi Matt,

Thx a lot for letting us know about the interface! ;) to me it looks just awesome, hope that u "can get into newtek" and help them out! ;) heh could be just great!

Well thats all for now! HOPE some day to see an update like that!

Best reguards
/NewBie :D