View Full Version : Looking to get advanced training any recommendations?

09-11-2008, 06:34 AM
I'm looking to get advanced training on lightwave, I've been doing simpler things with it for the past few years such as architectural and outdoor scenes but I really want to get into "Character Modeling and Animation".

I'm also really trying to get into the "Node Editor" but the things I've picked up on the subject only go into basics and leave the other like 40 or 50 nodes unexplained. So I can use it but when it comes to more complex textures I end up going back to layers but I know nodes are so much more powerful and open so many new possibilities.

"Motion Mixer" and "Expressions" is another topic I want to get a good grasp on. Any suggestions on the best places to go to pick up training material on these subjects would be great! Wish I could go away to school for it but life is in the way at the moment.