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09-10-2008, 09:38 PM
Hey all. Working with ..... Sub-D's again. I am getting better at them in
general, but one issue arrises from time to time that I can't get my head

I have a fairly simple bit of geometry that looks fine when I hit the old
Tab key. But, I also wish to stencil out a slightly more detailed bit from
one of the faces for extruding and such. I can never find a way to do
this without getting ugly polys near the boundaries.

I have attached 2 pics. The first shows the simple geometry that looks fine when I use Sub-D's. The 2nd pic is my lame attempt to create a stencil to add more internal details. The highlighted polys in the 2nd pic go totally bonkers when I hit Tab!!!!! Adding inside detail just confuses the heck out of me.

Surreal.... where are you!!!!?????

09-10-2008, 10:11 PM
You might want to have a look at some of my subpatch videos. While your first model may subdivide and look good I don't think it is the best way to start to get a rounded cube. In my vids I review some things like adding detail to cubes. It's worth a look. They're free too. The link to the vids is in my sig and I would especially look through the first few. Hope they can help.

09-11-2008, 12:21 AM
Thanks! I got it sorted out by accident. I just need to wrap my brain around what I did different. I will definately check those videos out though!!!!! :thumbsup:

09-11-2008, 09:26 AM
Glad you got it sorted. I'd have to see what you were going for with the detail. If you have any more questions feel free to ask. :)

09-11-2008, 12:16 PM
My guess would be looking at the second pic there are now ngons. Even catmulclark can cause problems with certain ngons.

09-12-2008, 05:32 PM
@ Zippit. Thanx, I should have shown a different version of the model. That ngon was just the beveling poly I used to get the shape of the hole I needed. I did a 'make pole' on it before using sub-d's.

The problem seems to only happen when I make a more detailed shape to create a hole into the face. If I create more internal detail before beveling or smooth shifting inward, I often get these twisted corners at the bounderies.

What I finally realised is that, to get a curved hole inside the face doesn't take adding more details.... Doh!!!!!

Thanks to everyone for the input.

09-12-2008, 08:52 PM
Yeah the TV wires over in the other thread looked pretty good. :)

Something going on with the top you could improve but everything else looked great.